Hi From America

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Re: Hi From America

von MrPatter » 27.03.2023, 18:16

Hi Morphofan.

It can be really hard to find, and nice that you have a danish friend who wanted to translate it for you. Since it takes a long time.
If you want to make other danes jobs easier, can you upload them on subscene or something like that :-)

Kind regards


Re: Hi From America

von morphofan » 14.11.2019, 20:41

Hi Paul! Yes, the Hungarian DVDs are amazing! So weird that the 6th movie doesn't have the subtitles, though. And I can't seem to find a DVD of the first film, but I did find it online with English subtitles. Thank you so much for steering me in the right direction. :-)

I have watched the two animated Olsen Gang movies as well, and I was very amused and surprised by the language. That many curse words would never be allowed in a kid's movie in America. :-D

Re: Hi From America

von Paul » 14.11.2019, 20:05

We had recommended the Hungarian DVDs to morphofan. They are the only ones with English subtitles and it's possible to choose between Hungarian and Danish audio.

You are right, at number 6 they forgot the subtitles :roll:

Re: Hi From America

von morphofan » 14.11.2019, 17:21

Hello, Doktor!

Thank you for the reply! :-) I have seen clips of the Norwegian films, but I like the Danish ones better. I was actually able to get all the movies with English subtitles except for #6. For some reason, there are no English subtitles on the DVD for that movie. Being an Olsen Gang fan in America is kind of like being a Vegan in the National Rifle Association. Not many of us around. :-D

Re: Hi From America

von doktorvonwer » 14.11.2019, 13:59

Hi Morphofan,
this is, I must say, quite exotic to have an American as fan. Although I haven't been following the fanclub and the forum for more than a couple of years, you might just be the participant the furthest from Copenhagen. :-)
Have you managed to acquire the region-free dvd player in the meantime?

As you might know, there is a Norwegian series of 14 films as well, also by Nordisk Film, but recorded in Norway with Norwegian actors.
That at least is available with English subtitles. The scripts are in many cases VERY similar to the Danish ones.

I'm from the western part of Germany, where the Olsen Gang has next to no tradition. It was really big in former eastern Germany, where it resonated with feelings of the normal people in the face of adversity (or so it is said).

Through my Danish language course at evening classes I learned about the Olsen Gang as part of Danish culture.

All the Best from Hannover

Hi From America

von morphofan » 31.10.2019, 19:55

Hi from America! I'm a new fan. My friend in Denmark introduced me to The Gang a week or so ago and I am obsessed. I love them so much. It's been challenging to find the films with English subtitles. We don't tend to learn other languages in America, sadly. My sweet Danish friend translated all of Movie 12 for me, bless her heart. I think I have all the films ordered now on Amazon with English subtitles, all I need now is to buy a Region-Free DVD player! :-D

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