Which Movie Is Your Favorite?

Alles was zu den Olsenbandenfilmen gehört / Alt om Olsen-Banden filmene
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Which Movie Is Your Favorite?

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I think #10, The Olsen Gang Goes to War (1978) Olsen-banden går i krig, is my favorite. I love so many scenes in it.

The bit during Benny's attempted safe cracking, where Egon gets jealous and purposely sets off the alarm, and then the guard watching he and Benny fighting was so funny. Benny actually slaps Egon's bowler off his head! :o

And of course the scene with the gas is awesome, with Benny being all heroic and breaking the door down, and then gassed-up Egon coming on to Yvonne. :lol:

The foot chase with Egon and police is hilarious, reminded me a great deal of Charlie Chaplin. And the music during the chase is also great, especially the banjo. :lol:

Of course the clock scene is famous. In fact, it was the clock scene that my Danish friend showed me first, which was what got me hooked on the movies. Awesome!

But the best part had to be that sweet "Welcome Home" greeting they gave Egon when he went back to jail. So heartwarming.

Sorry to post so much, but it's lonely being an Olsen Gang fan in America. :(

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Re: Which Movie Is Your Favorite?

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My favourite is the Jütland-movie.