Ove Sprogøe Could Not Swim

Alles was zu den Olsenbandenfilmen gehört / Alt om Olsen-Banden filmene
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Ove Sprogøe Could Not Swim

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I read an article about a scene from Film 6 where Ove was annoyed that a dummy would be used in the cement-shoes scene, because he wanted to do it himself. The article mentioned that part of the reason the director was reluctant to let Ove do the stunt himself is because Ove could not swim. And once I learned this, other movies I have seen him in make sense.

Like in Martha, he jumps overboard to commit suicide, but is wearing a life vest so he just floats around.

And in another one (I can't remember the name... he's a clerk who runs off and tries to disappear) there is a scene where he is playing in the ocean, and it's clear he cannot swim.

And in Det støver stadig, the scene where the basement room floods, he is holding onto a pipe the whole time.

In Olsen-banden i Jylland, the scene where the shell comes at them, and the trio jumps into the water, Ove jumps straight to the side and grabs on.